Saturday, September 13, 2008

Homogenderism, or Homogenderality

As women quickly evolve into boys (yes, there are some who cling to man-concocted femininity), men remain pretty much as they have been, except that the boyish is permitted expression more and more. Described by someone as female masculinity, the principal quality of female boys is awkwardness as women try to move as though they had a different body. But center of gravity will not change with the desire to be masculine. Nor will the ratio of the length of the torso to the body as a whole, especially the relatively narrower midriff compared to a chest enlarged by breasts. Hip size is not so different in males and females, although son males have the exceptional beauty of very narrow hips. Awkwardness, then. This brings me to the invention of the terms homogenderism and homogenderality to replace the ever useless term homosexuality. The discussion has been about gender, not sex, since the beginning of the era of sex and the sexual a little over a century ago. The sexualization of culture that followed has allowed for endless discussions putatively about gender, all of which missed the point that they so eagerly sought to make, that one day there will be one gender and that relationships will be uniform, uninformed by the sex of the person. This will be a contribution to the desexualization of culture. But who will we be? We see. We will all be boys. And so we move from heterosexuality via a preoccupation with homosexuality to homogenderality. What part does boyness play in this? That is the critical question.

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