Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Men Who Like Men and the Women Who Are Attracted to Them

Men who like men (M>M) are perfect companions for women who like men (F>M).  Such women have the advantage of being  close to a man--respond strongly to their scent (pheromones) and are welcome to touch them. M>M enjoy being touched by such women in public. In private, they will prefer to be close to other men. Such women are aroused by males regardless of the men's preference for more intimate, genital contact. The effects in such women are hidden, but the pleasures are real. They are aroused. For such women, moreover, the tedious worries about being touched are avoided, which occur if they are with men who like women (M>F). M>F will want the contact to move to the next step, intercourse, in private. Women with M>M need not worry about this. Such a relief. By the way, this would be construed as abuse of women if it were a case of men who like women engaging with women who like women. Indeed, men of either sort (M>F, M>M) would be treated similarly by F>F. There is no sense among these men (M>M) of exploitation. Why not share their pheromones? Why not be kissed and caressed in public? That feels great. There is the added value of being perceived as M>F.

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